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Tips for Home Buying, Spring Cleaning and Spring Travel + Positive Parenting - Can We Really Do It?

AJ Barkley, Neighborhood Lending Executive at Bank of America, talks about the bidding wars, rising home prices and limited inventory. She offers tips and advice for first time home buyers and the grants available for those looking to purchase a home.

Martin Amado is a lifestyle and design expert and offers tips for spring cleaning - decluttering and getting the outside of your home looking nice for the warmer weather.

Marshall Stevenson, comic, dad and owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour, joins Michelle to talk about an article he read about positive parenting and the best way to talk to our children. Can parents realistically do what's suggested and will it make a difference?

Amy Goodman, lifestyle expert, has suggestions for covid safe spring getaways!!


 2021-04-02  38m