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episode 11: "To me it is like finding a family, a far away family" - Angelica Carrillo, Mexico - Queen Park Rangers, London

In this episode I speak to Angelica, a University Professor who teaches Film Analysis and Journalism in Mexico. 
Angelica read in an interview Robert Smith of The Cure, talking about being a QPR supporter. Not knowing anything about the club at the time, she asked her father about it. "That's Alan McDonald's team," he said. With that she started to research the club and its history and began to follow them. Never thinking that she could ever watch them. 

She discovered the QPR Podcast - Open all R's, which was the first time she felt very much a part of the QPR Family. Not able to watch the games, but following the club via the podcast. 
She immersed herself in the history of the club and developed a deep passion for the club. Visiting London in 2017 to watch them play.

Initially disappointed when the team went down to the Championship, Angelica is now happy with how competitive the league is.
Her earliest memory of football is being placed in front of the TV by her mum to watch the 1986 World Cup and told me how crazy she has been about football ever since.

Alan Mcdonald and Stan Bowles are her club legends.

She talked to me about players Jamie Mackie, who missed out on being called a legend and how Josh Scowen, deserved a bit more praise for his time at the club. We also talked about the young players at the club, Ilias chair and Eberechi Eze.

The QPR ground was always known as Loftus Road. In 2019 it was renamed The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium. A foundation started to honor former QPR youth player Kiyan Prince, who lost his life while intervening to prevent the bullying of another boy.

We discussed the renaming, the role the club has played in the community, and their support to the victims of Grenfell Tower fire.

She got to experience first hand how QPR appreciate their fans, when she was invited to spend the day at the training ground. She told me all about that day and the cherished friendships she has with the QPR family.

We discuss her collection of over 50 scarves, a funny story with James Walsh of Starsailor and her connection to Northern Ireland and her dream of wanting to live there one day.

Angelica shares the heartwarming story of her journey as a QPR fan, having been able to find a community to belong to, being able to share her interests with a far away family and developing the most rewarding friendship.

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 2020-08-16  49m