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A podcast about football fans, and their long distance love for clubs at the other end of the world. In each episode, we speak to a guest to understand how and why they ended up dedicating themselves to a football club. But most importantly what it has meant to them, and what it has brought to their lives. Get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod (https://twitter.com/FarAwayFanPod) or on Instagram @FarAwayFanPod (https://www.instagram.com/farawayfanpod/)



episode 19: You get a sense of community, that the world is not as big as you think- Richard Kharman, USA - Schalke, Germany

Richard Kharman is from Maryland, USA and a fan of Schalke, Germany.
Richard happened to watch a game on TV in 2003, and was just impressed by the Schalke fans and has been following the club ever since.
And a few years ago he started the SchalkeAmerica Podcast, the only English podcast for Schalke with listeners from over 100 countries.

We talked about the Club legends that made Richard fall in love with the club. Huntelaar and Kolasinac, have just returned to the club in an effort to save them from relegation, we talk about the sense of community and family around Schalke.
Jefferson Farfán and Lincoln are players who Richard feels deserve a lot more praise.

Schalke has a history of developing young players. Ahmed Kutucu, Malick Thiaw, Timo Becker, Can Bozdoğan, Matthew Hoppe are the players Richard is looking forward to seeing more of.

We talk about the popularity of the Bundesliga in America and the great job the teams are doing to reach out to the fans.  We discuss the young American players and how the league is seen as one that can help develop these players. Evan Rotundo is one he says we should watch out for in the future.

We discussed Klopp’s influence, and what that has meant for other Bundesliga coaches.

We also discussed his local team, DC United and Major League Soccer and how the league is growing steadily over the years.

He’s also an AC Milan fan, he told me how he’s always been fascinated by all things Italian. He also hosts the Seria A Sitdown.  He has fond memories of visiting San Siro. He told how he met Clarence Seedorf in DC, not by accident. While Milan is doing well, he jokes that he likes to support clubs that give him heartache.

I finally ask him what being a fan has brought to his life.

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 2021-02-27  37m