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episode 16: I always try to find the connections between Southampton and Argentina - Francisco Fourcade, Argentina - Southampton FC, England

Fransisco Fourcade is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a supporter of Southampton FC, England.
We began by speaking about Diego Maradona and the cultural impact he had across the world, not just in football.
Francisco started following Southampton for a bunch of different reasons, starting with him being the manager of a play by mail league and having to fill the slot for Southampton.
As his passion for the team increased, Trevor Foy of Global Saints and journalist Sebastian Garcia (a QPR fan from Argentina, do check out his beautiful journey here) urged him to start a fan account for Southampton. So in 2014, he started the @SaintsArg Twitter account. 
We went on to talk about ‘Casa Fourcade’, the store his family has owned since 1956 where Fransisco continues to work today.
We discussed the history of Southampton FC. Francisco is passionate about finding the connections between Argentina and Southampton. He has a matchday program from 1956 between Southampton and San Lorenzo.
He told me about the connections he has developed as well, with his friend Dex in Southampton and how he’s come to call the city his home away from home. He wants to take his mother to Southampton some day. Francisco has even been invited a couple of times to the British Embassy in Argentina.
We discussed managers Ralph Hasenhüttl, Mauricio Pochettino and Marcelo Bielsa. Francisco showed me a FC Goa kit. (from my home state!) It is one of the 2000 kits he owns. We both complained about the post and customs when it comes to getting kits. He tried to explain to me the erratic nature of the Argentine league.
And finally, I ask him what it has meant to him to be a Southampton fan.
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 2021-01-03  1h2m