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Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks break down each episode of Pretty Little Liars in ever increasing detail. This feed covers Pretty Little Liars seasons 1-7 and The Perfectionists season 1.


PLL Commentary - s01e17 “The New Normal”

This week on the pod, we’re doing our commentary track for Pretty Little Liars s01e17 “The New Normal.” Hanna is letting the Artful Dodger sleep in her basement, and he comes in handy when he clocks James Leland as a lying goldbricker trying to con her mom vis a vis dead old Mrs. Potter’s safety deposit box. Aria is perturbed when her Dad thinks there’s something going on between Ezra and Ella. Emily has to deal with Paige’s homophobic dad, and then Paige showing her tongue down her throat. And Spencer goes snooping around creepy Jenna Thing’s house looking for clues.