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Christian and Sean are big fans of Sonic the Hedgehog — REALLY big fans, which is why they've tasked themselves with discussing every entry, aspect, character, piece and minute detail of Sega's mascot franchise (with the frequent help of guests).


episode 4: Ep. 4 - Ian Flynn's Archie Sonic w/ Daniel Barnes

Christian and Sean are joined by Daniel Barnes (@Danny8bit) to talk about Ian Flyn's run on Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic (Issues #160-290). They try not to talk about Ken Penders too much, discuss the philosophical ramifications of showing anthro animal characters in clothing and drop bonkers Archie Sonic facts on Christian at every turn.  

[Apologies for the rough audio quality, a Discord bot was used to record this episode, resulting in some static and varying quality]

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 2021-04-19  2h19m