In this series of revealing interviews, Cat tells tales about influential musicians who have been at the heart of the industry for many years and have moulded and inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Taking a friendly and informal approach, these fresh and relaxed conversations are the sort of chat overheard in the backstage bar about life and music...and occasionally even exposing a few secrets. Sit back, enjoy, and subscribe. The content of these audio recordings is protected under copyright. Jingles by Lesley Curtis.


episode 97: The one with Hazel O'Connor

I have a virtual girls nights in with one of life’s true survivors.
Award-winning singer-songwriter Hazel O’Connor rose to fame over forty years ago starring in the ground-breaking film Breaking Glass. Hits and eye-catching appearances followed including Will You, Big Brother, Monsters in Disguise, Give Me An Inch, and of course, Eighth Day, which now seems even more relevant in our present day times.
We look back at how Hazel got the part in the film and how her music career started, about falling in love and her adventures as a dancer in Japan and Beirut, as well as chatting about the dangers of the music business, sexism, her passion for audiobooks, box sets and history, and how she is almost single-handedly renovating her home in France.


 2021-04-21  1h1m