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Join me, Allan Hill (the Nostalgic Vagabond) for weekly one-hour~ish travel talks with unique and interesting travellers / adventurers who Zoom-in from all around the world. In conversation, we share compelling personal stories of trial, triumph and sometimes tribulation from journeys, exploring this world and its cultures, languages and landscapes. None of us claim to be experts, we aren't necessarily pros, we are regular people like you. But we decided to say, “YES!” Decided to step outside our comfort zone and have a go at creating our own journey, going our own way. You also don't have to be an expert or professional, all you need is to say, “Yes!” Commit. And go on your own journey – your own way. You can be a traveller too! Hey - Maybe travel could help you discover, your best you. And you can also follow me, @thenostalgicv


episode 16: Real F@&kin' Travel Talk – No Fluff! No Filters!

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond podcast, I talk with Tatum Skipper. 

Tatum is an entrepreneur and travel is at the heartbeat of her enterprise. Some people know her as the fearless travel coach, others know her as the founder of Bonvoyage Babes Travel Blog and others still as host of 20 Till Takeoff podcast. 

If you've met Tatum on the traveller beat and didn't know these amazing things she is up to in her day-to-day life, you might know Tatum as a no-bullshit, dive headfirst traveller, who is a barrel of laughs, a classic drinking buddy perhaps, but no doubt, all-round good company. 

In conversation, Tatum reveals that certain toxic relationships (6:30) in her past pushed her to step outside of herself, and the person she'd fallen into, in order to rediscover her true identity again and travel helped her to make that happen.  But -  What does true identity mean? How much do we bullshit each other, and how much do we bullshit ourselves? (11:15) What I like is Tatum is refreshingly bullshit-free. 

We chat about travel social media and whether or not it is a true and authentic representation of the travel experience. (14:45) Is it better to have a positive experience rather than a negative one? How much do travel expectations (24:15) play a role in the outcomes of certain travel adventures? Tatum offers candid stories of some of her dumb-arse mistakes (26:15) from the past. 

Fear takes centre stage in the second half of the chat. Tatum expresses how she fears regret more than failure (34:45) and gives away some free advice with her "ATA GIRL" approach to travel and fears in life, in general. It's good stuff...



If you want to follow Tatum, her blog and podcast you can find her at the following:

Insta: @bonvoyage_babes and @20tilltakeoff


Tatum is also on tiktok and clubhouse if you prefer those platforms.



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 2021-04-22  1h0m