Mic Drop Maths

Mic Drop Maths is the original and the only mathematical podcast for kids! Hosted by Whitney Wells-Corfield, a nationally recognized mathematics teacher, and starring her students. This podcast is designed for 4th-6th graders. Our mission is to make high quality mathematics instruction accessible to everyone and to spread our love for mathematics far and wide. Everyone has a maths brain! Visit our website www.micdropmaths.com for follow along resources for each episode.



Ep6: Factor Factor Bo Bactor

Rhyming and singing in maths? That’s right! Come along with us as we explore how to find factors and multiples. Tune in if you want to learn some elementary mathematical skills that will help you all the way through calculus! Find the resources mentioned in this episode at www.micdropmaths.com


 2020-12-17  20m