Unparliamentary Language

Rob and Tom dissect the British political landscape.



episode 13: Keir Starmer, One Year On

Rob and Tom discuss how the Labour leader has fared in his first year as leader of the opposition…


- [0:00] Intro

- [0:53] Headlines: Duke Of Edinburgh

- [8:57] Headlines: Keep Calm And Carry On Jabbing

- [14:16] Headlines: Northern Ireland

- [23:03] Main Story: Keir Starmer, One Year On

- [38:06] Anti-Semitism In The Labour Party

- [47:46] Keir On Brexit

- [53:04] Labour In The Polls

- [1:03:10] Outro

- [1:04:53] Ad: Dr Wilko's Campaign For Better Beverages


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- BBC: The Papers

- Twitter: BBC News Black Indent

- BBC: Timeline: How Northern Ireland's violence unfolded

- BBC: NI riots: What is behind the violence in Northern Ireland?

- Politico: Poll of Polls UK

- The Polls

- New Statesman: A year into his Labour leadership, - how is Keir Starmer performing?

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- Main Image: First virtual PMQs and Ministerial statement on Coronavirus 22/04/2020 by UK Parliament under CC BY-NC 2.0


 2021-04-23  1h5m