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episode 182: How to Pre-Qualify a Lead Quickly So You Stop Wasting Your Time

Pre-qualifying your leads assists you in determining if you and the lead are a good fit. Will they pay your fees? Are they looking for the specific type of work that you offer? You don't want to waste your time on people who are not good fits, and pre-qualifying is a way to determine if the potential client will be a great client.

As a business owner, your time and money are extremely valuable. Don't waste it on people who don't resonate with what you are offering. Sometimes business owners aren't sure how to pre-qualify, or they don't have business boundaries in place, or they may not take their time seriously. We want to stop wasting time on leads that won't make you money.

There is a part of sales that comes with having experience, putting yourself in the situations, learning from those experiences. Once you have experience, you start getting a bit of intuition around sales and qualifying leads.
Listen in to find out how much time you should spend on pre-qualifying your leads, how to find leads and when to walk away from a lead.

In this episode, I dive into how to pre-qualify your incoming leads, including:

The amount of time you should spend qualifying a lead
Why networking for long amounts of time in large groups doesn’t work
When you should refer out a lead to another service
How to determine if a lead is a good client and good fit for your business

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 2021-04-27  12m