Tim Drugan's Story Time

Humorist and liar Tim Drugan tells stories. Some of these narratives (or anecdotes, or parables) begin with a feeble grip on reality before slipping into the absurd. Many yarns (or chronicles, or fairy tales), however, start in the bizarre and quickly topple into the preposterous.



episode 25: Rent or Buy? Rent. You Should Probably Rent. Just Not Somewhere with Rats.

Episode 25: On looking for a new place to live, Tim and his wife face the decision whether to rent or buy a house (or townhome, or apartment, or condo). But it's not really a decision, is it? After all, if you don't have the money to buy a house, you can't buy a house. And if you don't have the emotional maturity to buy a house, you probably shouldn't buy a house. No need to spend a ridiculous amount of time tinkering with Rent Vs Buy calculators.

Then, Tim talks about an apartment that he and his lovely wife recently toured. The pictures looked nice, but the actual space left something to be desired.
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 2021-04-27  56m