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episode 47: Abandoned Places Photography: Hushpuckena

In this episode of The Fine Art Photography podcast, we discuss the excitement and mystery of visiting and shooting abandoned places. In this case, we talk about the abandoned community at Hushpuckena, Mississippi, with a description of the scene, and a little history.

My book of abandoned places: Unloved and Forgotten: Fine Art Photographs of Abandoned Places by Keith Dotson, 2019

This Petty Place, about life in the Mississippi Delta by Robert C. Tibbs II

YouTube video:


Find a Grave: Robert Clinton Tibbs

Find a Grave: Susan Minerva Norman Tibbs

Find a Grave: Eugene Edward Tibbs Dr. Eugene Edward Tibbs

Suzassippi’s Lottabusha County Chronicles: Hushpuckena on old highway 61

Urban Decay: “The Mississippi Delta 9: Hushpuckena and Shelby”

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 2021-07-14  13m