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episode 30: WTKA Roundtable 4/29/2021: Mo Wagner’s Basement

Things discussed:

  • Coastal Carolina transfer DeVonte’ Jones: crafty, likes to steal it, three-pointer is more of a set shot not a pull-up. Athleticism questionable. Great around the rim. Great insurance policy. Can shoot a free throw. Can he D up? Will his shooters improve here?
  • Ceiling for hoops next year? Final Four team? We think Barnes is underrated, Chaundee-like jumper. Houstan is an instant third banana at the three. Those guys plus Eli and Johns give you shooting if it’s not coming from point.
  • Why hasn’t Franz declared yet? We’re not sure. Speculate he’s doing it after finals? Maybe Mo is using the Izzo’s basement situation?
  • How do they fit everyone together? Diabate at the four with Dickinson at the five? Tschetter? Think T.Williams is a better option for fourth guy in the frontcourt.
  • Dickinson growth: Right hand, shooting threes.
  • Football recruiting: What is Michigan getting in Tyler Morris? Seth says Golden Tate—so smooth, Sam says Ronnie Bell. ACL injury moved up his recruiting timeline, canceled his senior season.
  • Sam makes us watch film on FL 3* DT Jordan Phillips, whom we think could commit on the visit this weekend. We like. Seth thinks a commit would necessitate a lot of defense, as Alabama’s class right now is “Let’s wait and see who we want then take them.”
  • NCAA: 12-team playoffs, since they ruined the bowl games. Transfer portal effect on fandom? Emmert extension: very clarifying. There’s no cost to getting rid of that guy. NCAA is just going to do anything to avoid paying players.


 2021-04-29  53m