The Maria Liberati Show

Gourmand World Award winning author/Celebrity Chef Maria Liberati intersects where food meets art, travel and life! Join Maria as she interviews fascinating guests in food, wine, culture, art , literature. Guests let us in to their food world and answer the question "What does food mean to you" and share the special connection food has in their life. Maria has a talent for creating common ground for people from all walks of life and many varied talents through one common denominator-food. Discover what food means to you, your life ,your history, your persona.


episode 15: Language, Culture and Quiche

Food is language, and language allows us to learn more about different cultures from around the world. Reminisce with Maria Liberati with this new set of recipes and stories from her "The Basic Art of" series. Joining her today is the incredible Nadege Fleurimond an author, entrepreneur and successful chef (among other things) to discuss "Taste of Solitude," "Chopped," and the ROAR Method - 

Enter, "The Maria Liberati Show," based on her travels, as well as her Gourmand World Award-winning book series, "The Basic Art of Italian Cooking," and "The Basic Art of..." Find out more on


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 2020-08-18  37m