Hey Mama, I have questions.

Megan and Hanna, a new mom and a mom-to be (at some point), one from the U.S., one from Germany, explore the manifold questions they and others have about all things around having children.



episode 16: #016 Pre Baby Bucket List - Interview with Janine

In this episode, Hanna and her guest Janine talk about their plans and wishes of what they want to do before getting pregnant. Janine also talks about her fears surrounding pregnancy and parenting and about her unique relationship to her foster-child.

Janine's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janinekolumna/

Hanna's 28-Day Cleanse: https://hannacharlottestein.com/28-tage-detox/ Side Note for the Cleanse: We do eat food during the whole cleanse. As much as you want! ;)

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 2021-05-06  59m