Unparliamentary Language

Rob and Tom dissect the British political landscape.



episode 14: Tory Sleaze

Rob and Tom discuss the many scandals of the Conservative Party (having to skip over quite a few) and then analyse the polls ahead of the local, mayoral, Scottish and Welsh elections…

(Tom pronounced Senedd wrong, they know)


- [0:00] Intro

- [0:35] Headlines: Race To Get Aid To India

- [6:33] Headlines: Own Goal!

- [12:37] Main Story: Tory Sleaze

- [16:42] Scandals We Don't Have Time To Cover

- [20:20] James Dyson Texts

- [24:53] Downing Street Refurbishment

- [35:50] The Pre-election Polls

- [43:51] Outro

- [44:28] Ad: Mish Mash Mayhem


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- BBC: The Papers

- BBC: India coronavirus: New record deaths as virus engulfs India

- List of political scandals in the UK: 2020s

- Guardian: Pressure mounts on Johnson over alleged ‘let the bodies pile high’ remarks

- Furious Boris Johnson insists he paid for flat refurbishment himself

- Politico: Poll of Polls UK

- The Polls

- Welsh Assembly Polling

- Opinion polling for the 2021 German federal election

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- Theme song: Handel's Water Music (Public Domain under CC0 1.0) with Big Ben Chimes (By hyderpotter under CC0 1.0).

- Main Image: Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to Downing Street by Number 10 under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


 2021-05-07  44m