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episode 407: Podcast 407 | New Mixed Playlist Selection: Clive From Accounts | The Chemical Brothers | Marc Brauner + More...

A new mixed playlist selection in Dirty Disco 407.

Here at Dirty Disco a new week simply means a new essential mixed playlist selection. Or in other words a new podcast episode of Dirty Disco 407. If you tuned into last week’s music show 406, you’ll notice that there are a few similarities in artists. That’s because I selected the tracks for both episodes together and chose to use different tracks but from the same EP releases in both podcasts. Like always the selections are carefully considered, mixed together and guided by yours truly, feel free to follow me on my socials and to get in touch with me. Social networks are listed in the top-right menu.

There’s A Nightclub Inside My Head

Mixed playlist highlights.

My selection in Dirty Disco 407 ranges within the electronic music sub-genres from world electronica, deep house grooves with jazz and soul influences to, funky nu disco, dreamy house landscapes, all the way up to high energetic beats and breaks with a lot of atmosphere. Music to consider for buying or streaming can be the new release by Clive from Accounts on the German Dirt Crew imprint and his “Cooking The Books‘ EP. Like last week the forthcoming Boston Bun album on Ed Banger ‘There’s a Nightclub Inside My Head‘ is once again being featured and a real house-head must-have. Marc Brauners – Gamba Roja on Midnight Snacks is also something I can relate to and I would like to suggest. Last but not least all the way towards the end of this week’s mixed playlist selection you’ll find a new track by The Chemical Brothers and a very dope Dusky remix on Trance Wax’s Northern Sky. But like always I would like you to tune in and enjoy the full mixed playlist for the whole Dirty Disco experience.

Dirty Disco 407 contents.

To sum it all up in a basic format here is what you can expect this week when listening to Dirty Disco 407 mixed playlist.

* 21 new tracks all mixed together into a 2 hour DJ mix, which is also available without the guidance and presentation on my Mixcloud page.* 4 promo’s that are forthcoming at the time of writing this blog and recording the podcast episode. See the tracklist for more information about every release.* If you dig music on vinyl you can breathe a sigh of relief again as I curated 10 new vinyl releases like the red marbled vinyl by Holo – Atlas. The new WTF album by Boston Duo Soul Clap which comes as a limited edition 2xLP in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves and two Rorschach ink-blot style 12″ records blending red and black vinyl. And a bunch more 12 inch releases, see the tracklist for more detailed info.* Music from 4 curated albums by: Soul Clap, Boston Bun, HATT.D and the Hexagonal Club Vol 2 on Pont Neuf.

Dirty Disco 407 Tracklist.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormatClive From AccountsToucanCooking The BooksDirt CrewEP14-5-21DIGDecent RidesL WordL WordMoment CinetiqueEP9-4-21DIGHoloShimmerAtlasLost PalmsEP23-4-21DIG & 12”Clive From AccountsGravitateCooking The BooksDirt CrewEP14-5-21DIGThe Juan MacleanAint No Thing BabyI Can’t ExplainMe Me MeEP23-4-21DIGJamie TrenchBreaking Time4 Sides Part 2Roots For BloomEP12-4-21DIGHoloCirclesAtlasLost PalmsEP23-4-21DIG & 12”Soul ClapBreath (Ft XI Middleton)WTF (World Transformation Force)Fools Gold RecordsLP22-4-21DIG & 12”Boston BunNobody But YouThere’s A Night Club Inside My HeadCirca ’99LP11-6-21DIG & 2x 12”DjokoSylvestre AloneVenturaShall Not FadeEP23-4-21DIG ...


 2021-05-10  2h5m