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Episode 66: The Uncontrollable Child (w/ child behavioral specialist Matis Miller)

Technical difficulties delayed this episode from last week but WE ARE BACK!!!!

It is week 92 (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!) of #DaddingHard and my daughter has started aggressively taking defiant stances against..... well pretty much everything. Every answer is "no", every task is "no, I WANNA DO IT!" Definitely starting to feel less in control FOR SURE!

Enter this week's guest..... social worker, child behavior & emotional disorder expert and author of the new book "The Uncontrollable Child" Matis Miller! We discuss what makes a child "uncontrollable" (spoiler alert, it's us as parents), how to "control" them, his fatherhood experience with 6 kids (YIKES) and some absolutely incredible parenting tips based on his expertise in dialectics. Definitely one of the most helpful parenting chats on the pod to date.


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 2021-05-10  1h1m