Keyshawn, JWill & Max

Every morning, #1 pick in the NFL Draft, Keyshawn Johnson joins #2 pick in the NBA Draft Jay Williams and Max Kellerman as they set the sports table for the day. From the games that electrified us the night before to the stories that will catch fire during the day, Key, Jay and Max will update, inform and entertain. The sparks will fly as these legends debate what’s happening and grill the best known guests in all of sports. This is the home for hourly podcasts of the national radio show.


Hour 4: How It Plays Out

Keyshawn, Jay and Alan Hahn welcome on NFL Primetime’s Chris Berman who chimes in on Tim Tebow returning, how he sees the Aaron Rodgers situation playing out, what the Bears should do and why he likes Zach Wilson. Plus, Naismith Hall of Fame’s Charles Barkley talks about Russell Westbrook, the Celtics being a mess, who will come out of both conferences and why Julius Randle should be in the MVP conversation.


 2021-05-11  45m