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episode 19: An Italian-Style Sea-Change?

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Clive Drew. 

Clive and I met in actual 3-Dimensional space over 10 years ago near the end of 2010 on a night out in the East End of London. We have a mutual friend called Chris who organised a curry on the famous, Brick Lane, then to go on and enjoy Clive's gig at 93 Feet East in the old Truman Brewery. Good times - Apart from the overly inflated price of Jamaican lager. 

Clive is a passionate and creative person with over 12 years of experience in PR and marketing, specialising in the music biz. Writer, musician and conscientious worker, it makes sense that Clive excelled in work and life in the big city of London. So why did he move? 

In conversation, we talk about moving to London in your 20's and 30's (6:55) to pursue your best life and I ask questions as to why then after a decade or so Clive decided to pack up his life in London (9:25) and move abroad. Perhaps for a sea-change with a career change? 

Clive shares some of the preparations he made, (13:25) in terms of vocation and location prior to leaving London and also about his 6-week trip to India (14:55) he made in the time available between leaving the UK and setting up in his new job and place to live in Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. 

We talk about the timings of our big decisions in life (18:55) whether there is a right time, a wrong time, or just our time.

Clive explains what his motivations were for this experience living abroad (22:55) and working as an English teacher in Bari. And how this time has been beneficial for rediscovering some of his first-loved creative pursuits such as writing. 

We discuss the kind of discoveries, explorations (25:55) and mini-adventures Clive has made since living in Italy and how his lifestyle has been affected (31:10) by Covid times. 

In the end, we both agree that the best thing to do right now is to keep a positive mindset (35:55) and immerse yourself in culture (41:50) for creative inspiration. 

Clive gives his advice to anyone thinking of seeking a sea-change and maybe a career change and becoming a TEFL or a TESOL teacher somewhere in this wonderful world... 



You can follow Clive on Instagram @clivedrew and don't forget to check out his musings on his writing website too


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