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Nishant Srivastava – Podcast S11 E12

After a season of podcasting and reading ‘Living By The Code’ Nishant is in the hot seat to talk about GDG, Open Source, throwing pottery and bookbinding.

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Show Notes Nishant Srivastava
  • Living By The Code Book
  • Nishant Srivastava – Professional Site
  • GDG – Main Site
  • Open Source Initiative – Main Site
  • Polywog – Free Dictionary
  • Bicycling –
  • GDG India – Twitter
  • Mozilla – Main Site
  • Pottery – Wikipedia
  • Bookbinding for beginners – CuriouslyCreative
  • Toastmasters – Main Site
  • What Does Social Justice Mean? Article – HumanRightsCareers
  • Rode Podcaster – Main Site
  • Managing Feature Requests Article – KissFlow
  • Wheaton’s Law Communicating on the internet – Site
  • Github Stars Answer – StackExchange
  • Open Source Licenses – OpenSource Initiative
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