By The Power

Four men, two decades of cartoons, three braincells and a tendency to go completely off topic. If you're looking for facts and well made points, keep moving. If you love cartoons and talking nonsense, then take a seat and put your feet up friend, as we take a look into the crazy world of 80's and 90's cartoons. Brought to you by Stuart, James, Jamie and Kane. Show music by 'dan_ts_inferno' on Instagram.


Bonus Interview - Laura Summer, Voice Actor

We love Laura Summer the amazing Voice Actor, Jamie and Stu got to interview her for this special bonus episode. You know her as Janine in The Real Ghostbusters or from The Garfield Show, Hello Kitty, or as Patamon in the Digimon franchise and tons more. We chatted about the REAL Ghostbusters, working from your closet, all things voice related and ask her a 'Would you rather?'...


 2021-05-02  34m