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A new journal of emotional hygiene. From the makers of You Look Nice Today.


episode 27: Supplement

Opportunity: personal care finally takes its show on the road.

NOTE: This episode and its claims have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. So, you're welcome.

Please step inside the perimeter of the temporary fence line, then proceed through the large disclaimer bottle. To your right is Alan's Foreskin, and to your left is Adam's Paragon of Blades™ (launching Fall, 2023).

Children must be monitored at all times. Also, all attractions are offered "as-is," and their utilization therein does not create a bailment or constitute a "medical diagnosis." Any appendage submitted to the cobbler's public fluoroscope is offered solely at the guest's own risk.

Side effects may include extensive cranial scarring, crippling student debt, and grave personal regret.

Ask your operator if Supplement is right for you.

Editor: Paul O’Mara

(Be sure to check out the YouTube video via this episode's show notes. It's way better that way.)

Supplement - YouTube

Fig. 1: Our muse, Dr. Raymond Damadian, in his repose.


 2021-05-14  34m