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Episode 438 | “The Joe Budden Podcast" (feat. Joe’s Therapist)

On this episode: The JBP discusses J. Cole as the king of album rollouts (21:20), Nicki Minaj dropping her old mixtape with a new song (31:30), and Migos new music (34:55). Meek Mill & Rick Ross may be beefing (41:23), Juice Wrld’s friend provides an update (45:05), and J. Cole is fighting Puff allegations (51:35). Joe apologizes to Rory (55:45) and clears up why he said he never asked for anything (59:05). He addresses accountability in uncomfortable conversations (1:18:00), and the therapist joins the podcast (1:22:10). They discuss Joe as the aggressor (1:25:30), the definition of insanity (1:30:00), and Joe being the last to know there has been an issue (1:35:10). They speak to dealing with your own triggers (1:50:40), accepting what happened (1:58:50), Joe feeling like he was losing the locker room (2:21:30), and getting it out the mud (2:23:10). Betrayal (2:27:15), repairing trust (2:34:10), being forced to evolve (2:45:30), fear of success (2:49:30), and more.


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 2021-05-15  3h32m