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episode 185: Company Culture and Lessons from a Female CEO with Steph Tuss

Steph Tuss is the CEO of the multimillion-dollar global coaching company Life Is Now, Inc. The company's mission is to help entrepreneurs, experts, and self-employed professionals gain the confidence and find the right mindset to increase their revenue, turning their endeavors into seven- and eight-figure ventures.

Prior to her work with Life Is Now, Steph was a school teacher turned entrepreneur who built and sold her first business by the age of 33. She has a passion for helping others create their vision mixed with solid business strategy nuts and bolts.

Finding Her First Business Mentor

Steph was following Allie Brown, and she was doing this program with David Nagel. "The first time I heard David speak and it was like an arrow right through my forehead. When you hear the truth, you know, that you're hearing the truth and I just couldn't get enough."

Hiring a coach, she felt that she needed a switch in her business. Selling her business to another practitioner in the area, Steph decided to move on to something new. David hired her to work in his company.

Giving Yourself Permission as a Female

Steph says about societal expectations on females, “It’s a huge lesson that's taught to girls. Make everybody happy and sacrifice yourself. What you want doesn't matter. Your worth is determined by how many people you can help and what you can do for other people.”

I see it all the time on sales calls. If women would give themselves permission to want what they want, but they're waiting for someone to give them permission. You need to give permission to yourself.

Listen in to find out how to climb the corporate ladder and how Steph navigates decision-making as CEO of her company.

In this episode, I dive into how to be an effective CEO, including:

  • Tips for hiring your sales team
  • Goal setting with your team for your company
  • How to create a work culture of safety
  • The importance of making mistakes
  • Why you need to take ultimate responsibility for what happens in your company
  • Giving yourself permission to say no to others and yes to yourself

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 2021-05-18  52m