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Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks break down each episode of Pretty Little Liars in ever increasing detail. This feed covers Pretty Little Liars seasons 1-7 and The Perfectionists season 1.


PLL Commentary - s01e21 “Monsters in the End”

This week on the pod, we’re doing our commentary track for Pretty Little Liars s01e21 “Monsters in the End.” It’s Founder’s Day or something in Rosewood, which means creepy clowns on stilts and haunted houses for Spencer to be terrorized in. Elsewhere, Aria terrorizes us all with her paper bag selfies and complaints about Ezra’s Website Page. Caleb tries to talk to a heartbroken Hanna, but Mona is gatekeeping him away. And Emily finds a new love interest when Paige bails on her.


 2021-05-18  49m