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Episode 241: How to get UNSTUCK with Hiring in 2021

On today’s podcast, I’m making my next prediction!
There are 8.1 million job openings and 9.8 million unemployed per the Dept of Labor. It’s time to stop complaining and start making adjustments to get people hired. You are not alone…. let me help you get your business back!

We are in a service industry revolution!
Nobody is looking at your old hiring ads.
Add more phases to your hiring process and get better applicants.
Your applicants are checking you out too!

Show Highlights

Bella’s next prediction! (6:45)
Training determines how long people stay with your company. (12:00)
Change up your hiring process. (14:50)
Your business is not meant to put you in bondage. (20:00)


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 2021-05-20  26m