Welcome to the first series of the Endurance podcast with myself Mark Beaumont. I’m joined on many of the episodes by my friend and performance manager Laura Penhaul.We started recording these conversations as a research project for my new book, also called ‘Endurance’ & published by Global Cycling Network – so you can find many of these conversations written up in the ‘Wise Words’ sections of the book. The Endurance podcast is focussed on meeting the sports scientists, the support staff, the researchers, the entrepreneurs – the people you will rarely have heard of - but who are the experts at supporting endurance athletes and are at the forefront of endurance sports. I started my endurance journey 25 years ago as a 12-year-old boy cycling across Scotland, and I recently pedalled around the planet at the pace of 240 mile a day. Laura has been a physiotherapist at 4 Paralympic & Olympic Games, led the first female crew to row the Pacific Ocean and lead my Performance team for the ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ race. Young or old, female or male – I believe that endurance is the greater leveller in sport...



Episode 13 - with Alan Murchison

Alan is a Michelin starred chef with over 25 years of experience in some of the worlds best kitchens. He is also the author the superb book ‘The Cycling Chef’.

Outside of the kitchen Alan is an ex-international endurance runner, multiple ITU World & ETU European Duathlon Champion, 2018 National 100 mile time trial team champion. Alan is one of the few athletes who has run under 30 minutes for 10k and also ridden a 19 minute 10 mile time trial. He is also team chef for British Cycling at major events


@performance.chef on Instagram


 2020-12-24  1h18m