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episode 409: Podcast 409 | Music Reviews: Fred Everything | Jacques Renault | Marina Trench | Böhm | Felipe Gordon.

New music reviews in episode 409.

Every week I try to give you a unique listening experience by playing the newest releases from the electronic music scene while I guide you through the music reviews. This week I added a little bit of extra magic to this week’s podcast episode by selecting and playing two tracks that somehow connect to each other through Dirty Disco. With one of them being a track that comes from the beginning of the Nu-Disco era and shaped my love for Nu Disco and the idea to start bringing you a new unique in its own mixed radio-show format and podcast. The second track is a real ‘Chicago ‘ House classic and most probably one of the most legendary house tracks of all-time that created the beginning point of the “deep” house music scene as we know it nowadays. This track can also be found as the opening track in the House Classic special I did a few years ago. Want to find out which track’s I’m talking about? Just tune in to listen or keep on reading ;-).

Music review highlights.

Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up, 10 year anniversary with remixes.

I just told you about the extra little bit of magic that I added to this week’s Dirty Disco episode 409. It’s about 10 years ago that Midnight Magic released their “Beam Me Up” track on the Permanent Vacation label. It was around that time I found out about the new ‘Nu-Disco’ sound and totally got into it. After coming from a long period of playing House music, I decided to add the new ‘nu disco’ sound to my DJ sound style and incorporate it with the music I was already playing. This was how Dirty Disco started as I loved that new sound so much I wanted to push it to the people and therefore decided to do something most DJ’s didn’t do at that time, bringing a presented weekly mix-session full of new releases around these genres.

You can actually still listen to a few of my then called ‘Dirty Future Disco’ mixes that I created just before I changed it into the Dirty Disco mix-show as you know it today. Check them out on Mixcloud here below.

Dirty Future Disco Vol 2.

Dirty Future Disco Vol 3.

Dirty Future Disco Vol 4.

Deep Nu Disco Adventures

So to continue with the Beam Me Up release by Midnight Magic which played an important role in the establishment of Dirty Disco. They are now back with the 10 years anniversary release including a few very dope remixes. For this week’s music episode I’m reviewing the release and playing you the original version and the Theo Kottis remix.

Jacques Renault – Sky Islands | Let’s Play House Records.

To stay a little bit nostalgic around Dirty Disco, another name that was already producing music with that Disco house vibe and also played an important role in the ‘new-disco’ era we now know as Nu Disco and sometimes just referred to as Disco House is the French producer and DJ Jacques Renault.


 2021-05-24  2h7m