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Introducing Extraordinary Stories: Belle Gibson

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Belle Gibson fooled not only her hundreds of thousands of followers, but the most prestigious book publishers in Australia, the tech giants of silicon valley, and even her family and friends into believing she was something she was not: sick. If today, her name is synonymous with the weighty infamy of a notorious scam, there was a time before that, when she was celebrated as an inspiration. On this episode of Extraordinary Stories, we look at the rise of Belle Gibson. From tall tales in school drama classes to international acclaim and influence, how did Annabelle Natalie Gibson become the pinup girl for the wellness movement?

With thanks to Bronwyn McCahon, Doctor Brad McKay, and Kylie Willey 

The Woman Who Fooled The World by Beau Donnelly and Nick Toscano 
Fake Medicine by Brad Mckay
The Girl Who Conned Us All by Clair Weaver 
With thanks to Tara Brown from 60 Minutes 

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 2021-05-24  31m