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episode 49: 49 - Alfred Molina (The Water Man)

Prolific actor from stage and screen Tony Award winner Alfred Molina joins host Jenny Curtis to talk about his illustrious career in entertainment, including some favorite moments and memories, what it means to be an actor, and his latest movie, The Water Man.

Episode Timestamps:

1:13 - Jenny introduces Alfred and asks whether Alfred prefers going by ‘Alfred’ or ‘Fred’

1:33 - How does Fred define himself as an artist?

2:25 - How working with young actors inspires Fred

3:37 - A young journalist reminds Fred of a Q & A she attended, in which he gave her great advice

3:58- What’s the one piece of advice Fred would give to someone starting show business? 

4:23 - Fred shares why he’s never content with his performances

5:32 - The Water Man & what drew Fred to the film 

9:06 - Staying friends and working with David Oyelowo

12:10 - Actors (Fred) actually like line readings?!

12:52 - Working on the short film, Sam Did It

15:19 - The experience of creating physical comedy on The Imposters

17:21 - Being part of the ‘tribe’ of actors

18:10 - What does it mean to be an ‘actor’ or ‘actress’ and how has it evolved today?

20:25 - “Show Business Practitioners” & “Entertainment Specialists”

20:40 - Fred shares how his mother made him business cards when he graduated from acting school and why he couldn’t use them

22:08 - Listener questions: “What is a role that has impacted the person/actor you are today?”

23:34 - Listener question #2: “What is a role you still hope to play some day?”

25:12 - Does Fred still get nervous when he starts a job?

26:22 - Fred receives second hand advice on a new director

27:27 - Meeting Robert DeNiro

28:00 - What does it mean to Fred to have a life in storytelling?


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 2021-05-25  29m