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Get Ready to Laugh (for sure) and Learn (we hope): The RelationShop is the fastest growing and most listened to radio show heard on Power 77 Radio. Now, we are going to be the fastest growing Podcast (said nobody). Join the hosts: Jason "Bubbles" with his "stupendous" Top Five Lists, Toya, who tries her best to keep the show on track, and Eric "White Delight" who sometimes always say the right thing. Be sure to subscribe and listen.Each episode builds on top of the next episode, so start with the Pilot.Fortunately, the quality of the show improves with each episode.Rating and commenting helps us improve. What is the Show About: The RelationShop crew discuss relationships seen on reality TV (90 Day Fiancé, Married at First Sight, etc.) and throughout Pop Culture to provide good relationship advice that works. Connect with Us: Be sure to send in your relationship questions. We may even mention you on the show. Anonymously of course, maybe. Just kidding. Unless, you...are...okay with going public. ??? E-mail: About Us: Power 77 Radio - Altared Marriage - www.altaredmarriage...


episode 76: How To Break Free From People Pleasing?

What’s the definition of people pleasing?  Aren’t you suppose to put others first? Especially, your spouse? Or, are you suppose to think of yourself first?

The RelationShop crew talks about the characters around people pleasing and putting your spouse first. Also, they provide some questions you can answer that can provide some insight if, you are a people pleaser.

Toya fumbles Eric’s RelationShots promo. Jason’s dad gets offended. Eric corrects Toya with “manning up.” Jason receives an applause for his top 5. 

Listener question about a family house guest that has overstayed their welcome. 

Jason’s Top 5:  People Pleasing Will Cause In A Relationship

Pop Culture:  90 Day Fiancée:  Brandon and Julia. 

Show References:

Episode 66:  How to plan a wedding without upsetting in-laws?

Episode 16: How to handle family drama?


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 2021-03-09  31m