Day X

This story began with a mysterious gun in an airport bathroom and led to a German military officer facing trial on terrorism charges. It’s a story about national identity and reckoning, mirroring the story of Germany itself. And years later, it’s still unfolding — raising a question that democracies across the world are waking up to: What happens when the threat is coming from within? See all episodes of Day X at


episode 1: Day X, Part 1: Shadow Army?

The mysterious story of a German soldier, a faked Syrian identity and a loaded gun in an airport bathroom cracks the door open to a network of far-right extremists inside the German military and the police. They are preparing for the day democracy collapses — a day they call Day X. But just how dangerous are they?

See all episodes of Day X at


 2021-05-27  33m
Die Deutschlandkorrespondentin der New York Times geht dem Fall Franco A.nach. Spannend, klingt gut.
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