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Join me, Allan Hill (the Nostalgic Vagabond) for weekly one-hour~ish travel talks with unique and interesting travellers / adventurers who Zoom-in from all around the world. In conversation, we share compelling personal stories of trial, triumph and sometimes tribulation from journeys, exploring this world and its cultures, languages and landscapes. None of us claim to be experts, we aren't necessarily pros, we are regular people like you. But we decided to say, “YES!” Decided to step outside our comfort zone and have a go at creating our own journey, going our own way. You also don't have to be an expert or professional, all you need is to say, “Yes!” Commit. And go on your own journey – your own way. You can be a traveller too! Hey - Maybe travel could help you discover, your best you. And you can also follow me, @thenostalgicv


episode 21: A Life-Changing Trip to Australia

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Emma Krebs. 

Emma is a lovely, friendly Canadian girl. She's still in her early twenties, so I am old in comparison and find myself sometimes today referring to people of a similar university age, like Emma is, as "kids" but not Emma. She has a wisdom, maturity, and a level of self-esteem as well as common sense far beyond her years. Whether this has anything to do with her unquenchable curiosity (so much so that she had to create and host her own podcast) or to do with her vagabonding experiences touring Australia for 10% of her life (at that time) is something we're going to discuss. 

In conversation, I ask why Australia? (6:25) Why go there?

Emma shares what a typical viewpoint of Australia is for someone not born and raised there, like myself. We reflect on reading 'Vagabonding' which is a travel bible by Rolf Potts and how certain types of travellers can be different from many people in society, leading to feelings of disconnection (14:00) from the mainstream. 

Emma shares a brief chronology of what she got up to during her two-year jaunt around Australia (18:25) notably her WWOOFING in the Daintree rainforest, farmwork in Queensland (34:00) and being broke-as in Melbourne.

Travelling is not always super fun, chilled or even glamorous you see. You can be hot, sweaty, hungry and afraid of spiders all at the same time. But it's certain moments even beyond these that can have an impact (22:30) and Emma is generous enough to share them openly as well as what living out of a backpack for two years (27:50) will teach you. We then challenge that whole stranger-danger narrative we were both fed as kids, growing up (29:30) too. 

I was curious to find out from Emma whether two years of life university in Australia would be better than actual uni (32:25) and what her best and worst moments were in her Aussie adventure (44:20). 

Emma rounds out the chat by answering how travel has helped her evolve into the kind of Emma she is today (50:00) and whether her experiences abroad have helped her establish or re-establish her connection to society and herself... 



Don't forget to check out Emma's podcast, 'the Curious One' which is available everywhere and follow her on Instagram @thecuriousonepodcast too.



A big thanks to Tom Forfar for creating the title tracks for the podcast series.

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 2021-05-27  58m