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Physics Alive is the podcast where host, Brad Moser, Ph.D., sparks new life into the physics classroom. Each episode supports and shares the many forward-thinking developments that have come from physics education research and inspiring educators. Brad speaks with teachers who employ innovative and active learning styles, researchers on the frontiers of physics education, catalysts for change on important social issues in the STEM community, and students who want the most out of their education.


episode 20: Getting the Word Out on Education Research with Nick Young

Nick Young is currently a physics education research & computational math and science PhD candidate at Michigan State University. He founded the website PERbites, dedicated to making the results of physics education research meaningful and accessible to all with bimonthly posts that provide short, clear descriptions of what’s happening in the field of physics education research. His current dissertation work explores the graduate admissions process in physics and whether or not the physics GRE is valuable or effective. He was a graduate fellow in Michigan State’s Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology and helped create a resource for faculty about planning, implementing, and assessing experiential interdisciplinary courses. In this episode we discuss his various projects and the common theme of getting the word out on education research.

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Links from today’s episode:



Project with the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

  • Spartan Studios Playkit

Articles from Nick’s Ph.D. work

  • The Physics GRE does not help applicants “stand out”
  • Using machine learning to understand physics graduate school admissions
  • Suggestions for making graduate admissions more equitable

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  • Amusement Park Science Digi-Kit
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 2021-05-28  39m