Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV)

Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV) is a grand community founded by अंदर की आवाज़ . Both the communities are founded by Parth Mittal . So we want you to listen our poetries , ghazal and shayri . Do support us and spread us



More about Punyatirtha Sahoo : This is Punyatirtha Sahoo here. A student of std 10th. Founder of Kalam Ki Dhvani Talent Hub. A dancer, singer & a painter. Manifesting herself in every way possible. Heart will always belong to Sambalpur, Odisha. Technically logical & emotional by heart. Expressing things through writings is love.Feeling about life -'That things always happen which you think about the most & the consistent thinking of the thing makes it happen.'Expanding love and respect to all!

Jane Kya Tune Kahi Song Cover from Pyaasa Movie !