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S14E13 – Wants Photo Booth

This week we’ve been fixing phones and relearning trigonometry. We round up the news and events from the Ubuntu community and discuss news from the wider tech scene.
It’s Season 14 Episode 13 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.
In this week’s show:

* We discuss what we’ve been up to recently:

* Alan has been reminding himself about trigonometry.
* Mark has been fixing his phone.

* We discuss the community news:

* Ubuntu on Air Reboot

* https://youtube.com/UbuntuOnAir
* https://twitch.tv/UbuntuOnAir

* Snapcrafters Community Reboot
* Launchpad gains comment editing
* Disabling Snap Autorefresh
* FOSSHost needs help to continue
* Entroware launch Poseidon Desktop

* We mention some events:

* FOSS Talk Live 2021: 12th of June 2021 – Online.

* We discuss the news:

* freenode drama continues. Listen to 2.5 Admin Episode 40 for the full details.
* Valve is making a Switch-like portable gaming PC
* Mozilla announces MDN Plus

* Image credit: JOYUMA
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 2021-06-03  33m