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episode 10: #10 - Tech talk wit Paul and Felix

In episode 10 Felix and Paul get to talk about one of the things they love most about longboarding: the technical details. They answer all the technical questions you had like: „What part of your board should you replace first?“, „How many parts is a longboard made of?“ and  „What is this rake people talk about?“.

This episode is a bit different since we don’t have a guest who we’re interviewing. Let us know how you liked this style of episode and if there is anything else you want to know!

As there is a lot of things that are hard to explain with audio only we put here all the links and pictures that the guys referenced:

10:17 Parts of a RKP truck

Reverse Kingpin Truck (RKP)

15:50 ROJA Trucks

23:25 Rake (source:

31:00 „Truck Geometry | Sabre Longboard Trucks UK“ 

50:28 Aaryn „Axl“ Curtis


 2021-06-05  57m