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Dharmabytes features bite-sized dharma, three times a week, from the Free Buddhist Audio archives. Themed in conjunction with our weekly full length talk podcast, these are inspiring short extracts from over 5,000 talks on Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness! Tune in, be inspired!



episode 919: Views Reveal Themselves

Intelligent and thought provoking, Candraprabha shares personally about three views, or three attitudes, she's uncovered in the course of her many years of spiritual practice. A helpful exemplification of how we can investigate our underlying attitudes in relation to our ability to live a Dharma life.

From the talk entitled Bodhicitta: a Personal Talk from the Moon of the Mind: Bodhicitta Great Gathering, an (online) retreat for women training for ordination and Order Members offered by Taraloka & Tiratanaloka Retreat Centres, 2021.


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