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episode 411: Podcast 411 | Dirty Disco Take-Over By Jeroen De Wolf | Weekly Hosted & Mixed Playlist Selections.

Dirty Disco 411 Take-over by Jeroen De Wolf.

It doesn’t happen often but occasionally we have a Dirty Disco take-over, and because of the inconsistency in it, it’s always very special to have my musical friends taking over a full episode of Dirty Disco. This time I’m presenting to you my beloved colleague and friend Jeroen De Wolf who is taking over this week’s music show podcast and presents you some of the finest tunes and his ability to curate, select, mix and host the session. Before we dive into the track-list here are a few words from the man Jeroen De Wolf himself on his first ever Dirty Disco take-over.

DJ | Jeroen De Wolf | Protechnive

Jeroen De Wolf about this take-over.

Yes, what a privilege this is! For the first time I am taking over the show from Kono Vidovic! No pressure there! Wow, what a lot of effort Kono puts into the show every week. Let’s see if I can keep up the good work. What a great guy! 

My name is Jeroen de Wolf, host and deejay of a radio show called Protechnive. A deep house, melodic, techno, but also sometimes groovy related radio show on Deep Radio. Mostly with a guest deejay in the mix and sometimes I might do some mixing myself. Hopefully you’ll be able to check it out on a Friday!  

So, I will try to provide you with some Dirty Disco sounding tracks for this episode. And in return Kono will take over my Protechnive show for this week. So, if you really miss him, make sure to check him out this Friday on Deep Radio!

This episode 411 of Dirty Disco will start with some laidback sounds and after a few mixed tracks we will get into the groovier disco vibes. I will provide you with a little bit of deeper sounds, but of course it will be handled with care…

I am very happy to be in the show and I’ll feel blessed if you tune in with me this episode! Find me here on Facebook and let me know how you feel about this session.

Dirty Disco 411 Take-over Tracklist.

This is actually not the first time you hear Jeroen doing some mixing in Dirty Disco, as he has been here before as a guest DJ in episode 132 here. But this is the very first time he’s totally taking over the show with his presentation, selection and mixing. So with this all said we are really curious about your thoughts and feelings on this week’s take-over session. Feel free to find us on our socials and leave feedback on all available platforms. Like always a tracklist is included here as well as in the official Spotify playlist.

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 2021-06-07  1h57m