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episode 23: How To Be an Expat

On this episode of 'the Nostalgic Vagabond' podcast, I talk with Sixtina from her website and blog. 

Sixtina says that travelling and living in diverse countries has helped shape her into the person she is today. Evolving from a self-proclaimed rebellious teenager, intolerant and stubborn, who wanted things her own way to a more rounded, simple-living woman who speaks multiple languages, is more tolerant, more patient, open-minded, spontaneous and good-humoured. Is this the result of the expat life? 

In conversation, Sixtina talks about her first living abroad experiences which happened in the USA on high-school exchange to improve English (6:55) of course but many other things too. 

We go on to talk about the meaning of the term 'expat' (8:55) at least what it means to us. I ask Sixtina what she believes makes for a good expat or a not so good one (10:15).

We discuss stereotypes, pre-judging people and how we have to be aware of how easy it can be to hold prejudices, boxing people into who we think they are, based on where they come from (15:40). On the road, we can always be surprised. That is one of the great things about travelling. Sixtina shares some of the occasions where her expectations have not been met, (23:20) both in good ways and not so good ways. 

Being involved in the community (28:55) is important to Sixtina's expat existence. She has some information on how she assimilates when she is abroad and gives tips on volunteering opportunities that can be found all over the world and websites like "Work Away" that facilitate this exchange of culture and goodwill. 

We talk about Homesickness. Can you become immune or is it something that will creep up on you from time to time (39:10) especially when far away from your family during special holidays? Sixtina has some tips on how to cope from her many years of experience living as an expat in the Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland etc where the customs are different from that of her native Germany. 

No matter whether you are a beginner expat, or have been playing this game for a while we can always improve. Sixtina tells us how she intends to continue to improve and be the best traveller and expat she can be (48:55). It's good stuff. So are you ready? 




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