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episode 189: How to Overcome Perfectionism

Today we're talking about how to break the cycle of perfectionism in sales. We're going to talk about mindset, particularly how to overcome perfectionism in sales.

Why Perfectionism Equates to Lost Sales

So many times, I see my women business clients feel the pressure of overworking, overdoing, and going out of their way to create a “perfect” outcome when achieving perfection is a fallacy.

Instead of having perfection as a goal, you need to look at your skillset, how you are going to sell, and the steps for sales follow-up. Understand that when you seek perfectionism, this is only hijacking your efforts to achieve your monetary and business goals and putting you on a one-way street for burnout.

Listen in to find out how to find happiness in your work, how to know if you’re overdelivering, and why you’re not responsible for other people’s feelings. In this episode, I dive into ways to overcome perfectionism, including:

How perfectionism can get in the way of closing a sale
Why you shouldn’t wear perfectionism as a badge of honor
The differences between mastery and perfectionism
Shifting your identity to overcome perfectionism
Putting perfectionism aside so you can make growth mistakes

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 2021-06-15  1h2m