Real Dictators

Real Dictators is the new podcast series hosted by Paul McGann that explores the hidden lives of history’s tyrants. New episodes every Wednesday. Follow Noiser Podcasts on Twitter for updates on our shows.


episode 31: Colonel Gaddafi Part 1: Son of the Desert

‘Brother Leader’, ‘King of Kings’, ‘Falcon of Africa’… ‘The Most Dangerous Man in the World.’ Colonel Gaddafi was the Libyan tyrant who abused his people on an industrial scale, until he was murdered by them as they rose up against his rule. He was the revolutionary leader who freed his country from the shackles of empire only to squander its riches, turning Libya into the ultimate rogue state. To the West he was, alternately, a sponsor of global terror or a convenient ally. But where did it all begin? In the early 1940s, at the height of World War Two, a child is born in a Bedouin tented encampment in Libya’s desert west. From these humble origins, Muammar Gaddafi will go on to dominate global events for half a century.

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 2021-06-16  39m