How We Are As Humans

This podcast is about the day to day wasy of how a human can be and act one day, then the next be a totally different person as if you've never met them before a day in your life. Hosted by podcast savant @NickLWeaver @NickyPPInc @AsUnFakePodcast @Podcastpulse (IG) @ThePodcastPulse (Twitter). Disclaimer: Anyone can be a guest on this podcast at anytime!


episode 3: Episode 3 | Really How We Are

In this episode host Johnny Black ⚫ dives deeper into "How We Are As Humans" on more life subjects such as fooling with an ex for multiple years and much more so this episode is not to be missed. | Be sure to give a follow to @HWAAHPodcast on Twitter and @howweareashumans on Instagram | Be sure to tweet, comment or even DM (direct message) your thoughts and or responses to anything said on this or any other episode. | Johnny Black ⚫ ???? has a kidney disease and is in need of surgery so if you feel like donating or even becoming a sponsor of the podcast send any amount you see fit via Cash App to $Nick8807 or PayPal @nickyppinc --- Send in a voice message:


 2021-06-17  22m