Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV)

Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV) is a grand community founded by अंदर की आवाज़ . Both the communities are founded by Parth Mittal . So we want you to listen our poetries , ghazal and shayri . Do support us and spread us



About Kolli : Kolli Sai Charan Reddy is a creative and enthusiastic writer, who have just joined this huge world of writing. He pens poems and quotes on Love,Motivation,Nature&Life. His writings were appreciated by many and denied by many, still he continues his passion as a joyful and jovial writer.

My SweetHeart :

My dear sweet heart,My heart beats for you.

The blood flow in my heart is due to your smile.

For living on this earth,the reason is you.

My family went away to the god's abode.

Because of your strength,

A little smile is still lying on this hard face.

The pains which were recided in my heart,

Flowed along with the impure blood by your guidance and strength.

Your cute little words under that hay,

Hit my pure red blood and made it more powerful.

Your talk will put all my worries away,

And makes my day more joyfull.

Your attractive clothes are not the only reason for filling the colours in my life.

Your kindness on this orphan filled colours.

You're an epitome of different skills,my love.

You're my heart filled with ample of love and happiness.

I am very thankful to you.

You're my sweet and cute heart,

To whom I have ever met and I couldn't survive without you.

You filled my heart with lots of positive vibes and made my thoughts caught.