Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV)

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About the writer : Ananya Panigrahi, a 22 year old carefree soul who loves to play with her words. She is currently pursuing her Master's in English. She resides at Bhadrak, a small town in Odisha. A great foodie whose taste buds loves trying out new dishes. Apart from writing, she has keen interest in Skating & loves reading novels. You can find more about her by following her page @blank._.muse

Inner Conflicts :

I open my house door every night,

See my parents fight

Heated arguments reach my ear,

And they don't bother I am near.

Seeing them raising their fists

My soul forcing me to slit my wrist

I love them both

But seeing them fight makes me choose death.

Every night I lay closing my door,

Then the thought strikes me;

Will the fight end if they see me unconscious lying on the floor?

- Ananya

ig: blank._.muse