Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV)

Scribbling Inner Voice (SIV) is a grand community founded by अंदर की आवाज़ . Both the communities are founded by Parth Mittal . So we want you to listen our poetries , ghazal and shayri . Do support us and spread us



About Dr. Sudhanya : Dr. Sudhanya Nath is a veterinarian (Animal Nutritionist) from Odisha, India. She is currently pursuing her PhD degree from WBUAFS, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She was conferred InSc Young Achiever Award 2020, Vajra World Records 2020, International Research Awards 2020 on New Science Inventions, Inspiring Lady Veterinarian Award 2021, etc. She has contributed in more than 100 anthologies. She is Founder of World of Logophiles (WOL), English Judge and Challenge Head of Peaceful Writers International (PWI), ex-Challenge Head of Words of Heart (WHO), Community Head of Author Revolution (AR) and English Judge of Words of Soul (WOS). On 4th October 2020, she was recognized by Times of India and local newspaper Dharitri of Odisha for making the best use of lockdown by achieving 325 e-certificates through various webinars, quiz and competitions.


Pick-me-up in your caring arms,

To lift me up from my sorrows,

To lessen the burden of my heart,

To protect me from the negative vibes,

To motivate me to face the obstacles,

To cheer me up after the ferocious storm,

To comfort me with the warmth of your hug,

To take my worries with a forehead kiss,

To keep starring gently into my eyes,

To get enthralled in the magic spell of love,

To charm me with your melodious voice,

To let me hear your whispering heartbeats,

To teach me the chemical reactions after the trigger of love hormone,

To give me a chance to capture this beautiful moment forever in my breathe,

To count stars with me under the mystic moonlight,

To make me feel how special I am for you.