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Think African Episode 4

We See You: Access to land, property and housing rights continue to be contentious conflict riddled issues on the continent. But, is Anarchy the only viable alternative? We speak to Kelly-Eve Koopman, an Author and community leader who uses diverse discipline to propel social change. She has worked in both the theatre and film industry and has used these creative skills to develop, implement initiatives that drive social transformation. She is the co-creator of Coloured Mentality, a platform which has become a unique interactive storytelling space for the coloured community. She is a co-director of FEMME projects, a nonprofit organization that facilitates workshops on women empowerment in rural communities. Kelly is one of the seven occupiers. CREDITS: Think African is brought to you by Sound Africa in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Cape Town and African Arguments Graphics and Artwork: Neo Rakgajane Script Writing/Editing: Jedi Ramalapa Sound Editing/Recordist: Rasmus Bitsch Soundtrack/Music:The Good People Additional Music Score/mixing: John Baartman Executive Producer: Rasmus Bitsch Operations and Marketing Manager: Lebo Leitch.


 2021-06-18  19m