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Friends in Your Ears 80: CJ Higgins and Liz Serna

What happens when you start recording a podcast before you’ve ever listened to one? Find out on this special FIYE episode with our guests, CJ Higgins and Liz Serna. Plus, hang around for the secret weird things they do in the FIYE Bonus.

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Host Kathy Campbell with CJ Higgins and Liz Serna

Show Notes & Links Tell Me About Yourself CJ Higgins
  • @CegJeg
  • @GayAgendaCast
  • My Gay Agenda Podcast
Liz Serna
  • @AuthorLizSerna
  • @NerdyBitchesPod
  • Nerdy Bitches Podcast
What made you want to start making them? CJ
  • My Gay Agenda Podcast
  • A Twilight Podcast
  • Nerdy Bitches Podcast
  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Podcast
How did you start listening to podcasts? CJ
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me Podcast
  • Sawbones Podcast
  • The Adventure Zone Podcast
What is currently playing? CJ
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me Podcast
    • Episode #562
  • Nerdy Bitches Podcast
  • Always Be My Maybe
Favorite podcasts CJ
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me Podcast
  • The Adventure Zone Podcast
  • Bad Queens Podcast
  • Going Dark Theatre Podcast
  • One From The Vaults Podcast
  • The Flop House Podcast
  • The Voice Of Free Planet X Podcast
  • Lady Pod Squad
    • Pod Appétit Podcast
  • Cult 45 Podcast
  • Hello From The Magic Tavern Podcast
  • Home Video Hustle Podcast
  • Boobies and Newbies Podcast


 2021-06-18  39m